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LOS ANGELES | October 4th (Invite Only)

LOS ANGELES | October 5th - 6th, 2019

These events are for everyone, delivered in person by Steven Jack Butala & Jill DeWit.

Since 2015, Land Academy has helped hundreds of individuals learn how to find, buy, market, and sell properties all over the U.S – using direct mail.

Land Academy has gone even FURTHER by creating/providing access to the professional level tools (membership) to aid new and seasoned investors grow their businesses, including:

Land Investors

Free Online Investor Community

Data Access

Access to the Top Assessor Data; RealQuestPro and TitlePro24/7 


Send Offers2Owners to Buy Undervalued Property

Mapping, Engineering & Parcel Details

Complete Your Own Deed in Minutes

Sell Your Land on the Same Website to the Same Buyers We Do

Daily Podcast

Daily Podcast, The LandAcademy Show, for Real Estate Pros

Q&A Webinars

Weekly, Free Q&A Webinars

Your Hosts

Steven Jack Butala
Jill DeWit

Steven Jack Butala and Jill DeWit are the co-founders of Land Academy. Since 1999, they have completed the acquisition and sale of more than 15,000 properties without incurring leverage or debt. They continue to purchase property daily for immediate resale alongside the membership base they built. 

In 2015, Steven and Jill began sharing their experience as investors, and access to professional level resources with the real estate investment community. In 2019, they began sharing knowledge on infill lots to the public after overwhelming demand. 

By creating investor specific tools, they have improved the speed and quality of the acquisition process, resulting in more profitable and quicker transactions. Some of the tools they have released in the past few years are the first of their kind and help people in all industries. 

Steven and Jill are committed to growing alongside their members and the rest of the real estate community and can’t wait to continue to share their knowledge and tools. 

Land Investors Live 2018

Meet People Like You

Land Investors Live is your ONE chance to meet fellow Land Academy members. Make fruitful partnerships, find like-minded investors and lifelong friends.

Create Your Own Equity

Get intimate access to Steven Jack Butala & Jill DeWit and their whole team at Land Academy to answer your questions and review your deals before you leave!

VIP Cocktails, Prizes & Swag

Aside from the networking benefits, all attendees are invited to a VIP Cocktail hour to get to know your fellow investors and, of course, Steven and Jill!

Some of the people who experienced our events

"...I feel like I understand more in-depth what I had already had a working knowledge of. I especially appreciated the explanations on pricing the offers. This has been a weak point for me, and now, I feel more confident to go back and reprice some of my failed mailings and see if I can't make them productive.
Having the opportunity to ask questions and hear what others are asking was a huge advantage to being at the live event. And, having input from Justin and Luke was especially helpful. Thanks for having them there. [...] The "Would You Do This Deal" session was very informative. That format gives insight to your thinking process, and having the guys in back give their input make it that much better. I also enjoyed getting to know Jill over a beer, and visiting with some of my peers. Over all, I feel like I got way more than my investment's worth of knowledge and confidence."
"Christy and I have been doing deals with Matt Rogers and Joe Martin ever since the event last year. Jill, when I came to that event, I was so tired of doing everything alone in isolation. Now I chat daily with those guys and several others since the event. Just want you and Steve to know you are appreciated."

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